C T K Chari Centenary Year (2008-2009)

A Tribute

Dr. C.T.K.Chari



Remembering C.T.Krishnamachari

Introduction from Nirmala Ramanujan

(daughter of Dr. C. T. Krishnamachari)

Two years ago, I suddenly realized that my father would have been a hundred years old in 2009. I felt bad that I could not do much to honor his memory. He deserved an entire book to be written about him. But, alas, I was not up to it. I then thought about this project - a website devoted to him. My daughters, Lavanya and Sukanya did a lot to achieve this goal. Thanks to them, this website is a reality now. I am sure my father is feeling very proud about them. I only remember the saying in Tamil which seems apt here; that we can at least offer a flower to something that may deserve only gold. This site attempts to capture only the essence of his life and work. It is a humble tribute to his enormous contribution to academic communities all over the world in a variety of subjects.

It is by no means complete and will continue to grow with your feedback and as more information becomes available.






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