C T K Chari Centenary Year (2008-2009)

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Photo Gallery—Contributions

Photo contributed by Fr. Jacob (Swami Vikrant)

1968-70 MA Philosophy Group Photo

Sitting Arrangement from left

Ms. Mitrayal, Ms. Elizabeth Kuncheko, Mr. Oliver (Prof), Dr. C. T. Krishnamachari MA Phd (Hod), Fr. Jacob (Swami Vikrant), Ms. Pamela Devaraj (Prof Ma Ms Mlit), Rev V.M Thomas M.A. B.D, Ms. Vijayalakshmi, Ms. Rafia Sultana

Standing from Left

Messrs. Joseph Cherian, Thiagarajan, Vincent, Andiyappan, Daniel Malraj, Kumaravelu, Rangasamy Sri Nagesh, Sajkumar Roberts






Photo Gallery

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Dr. C.T.K.Chari with Dr. Michael Lockwood

At Dr. Devanesan’s farewell, 

seated from right to left: Dr. Michael Lockwood, Prof. Oliver, Prof. Radhakrishnan, Dr. C.T.K.Chari, Dr. Chandran Devanesan, Dr. H.R.H. Roberts